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Debt collection step by step – how does it look in practice?

Debt collection what? Debt collection is nothing new. It has been present in human life since Antiquity. However, as you can guess, the nature and behavior of debt collectors has changed. Currently, the debt collection process consists in claiming ownership, however, all activities are regulated by law. Therefore, it is a legal process and should […]

Credit at Loan and Credit Bank

Loan and Credit Bank has a well-developed online support system, as well as the use of communication channels, both via the Internet and through remote work through personal representatives of the bank. Lending is one of the main directions in the work of the bank. At the same time, many types of loans are available, […]

Prompt – what is it and how much does the debtor cost?

Did you get a prompt? Perhaps a good solution in your case would be to replace the payday loan with an installment loan. Thanks to this, you can pay your debt in installments tailored to your current financial situation. If you are interested in this option, check the following installment loans. Pay off your debt […]

Subordinated debt: How does it work?

At present, there are many financing methods to support business growth. Among these is investment by Maxima debt, a source of financing that is of particular interest to SMEs. Maxima debt: what is it exactly? Nicknamed also ” junior debt “, Maxima debt is a debt subordinated to the repayment of a bank debt known […]

Report on farmers debt – over 412 million USD in debt!

Weather fluctuations, spring drought did not allow farmers to sleep peacefully in many regions of Poland. This year’s cereal harvest turned out to be much lower than in 2017, while in the case of fruit growing the opposite was true. The trees gave more fruit than last year. However, as the KRD Report informs about […]