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Loan and Credit Bank has a well-developed online support system, as well as the use of communication channels, both via the Internet and through remote work through personal representatives of the bank.

Lending is one of the main directions in the work of the bank. At the same time, many types of loans are available, both classic consumer and mortgage.

Affordable lending at Loan and Credit Bank


Mortgages in this bank are popular. Possible mortgage options:

  • mortgage for secondary housing;
  • mortgage for new buildings;
  • mortgage on houses, cottages;
  • mortgage on secondary rooms;
  • refinancing mortgages of other banks at more favorable rates.

Credit cards are also popular. A feature of credit cards of a given bank is that they are issued directly into the hands of a personal representative, to whom the bank directs them directly home to the customer or to another meeting place at the request of the borrower.

Affordable Consumer Lending

  • cash loan;
  • unsecured loan secured by a loan.

About the work of the bank

Loan and Credit Bank is a modern bank, whose work is carried out as part of the continuous improvement of the system. This bank begins to introduce additional options earlier than others – for example, a mobile bank and paying bills by using a mobile application. According to statistics, the mobile application from Loan and Credit Bank is the most modern and modernized at the moment.

As for deposits, the bank is actively attracting investors through the Internet. Another distinguishing feature of the bank is its high level of customer focus. The Bank always relies on technology support, the creation of new products and the modernization of old projects. Despite loyalty to traditions, the bank is constantly moving forward – this factor partly affects the fact that the level of confidence of Russians in the bank’s products and its activities as a whole is quite high.

The bank is famous for its reduced requirements


For issuing credit cards to consumers. It is enough to contact a bank to a consultant – you may not even need to document your income, each decision is made individually. The bank is owned by both the Russian side and the Swedish fund, which acts as support.

The task of the bank is to constantly increase the level of customer service. At the moment, the bank is a member of the voluntary deposit insurance system, and also participates in various programs of an international level, the bank rating from international agencies is also quite high. To apply for a loan you just need to fill out a simple form at the bottom of the page. Indicate the required data, and a bank specialist will contact you shortly.

Loan and Credit Bank Reviews

Loan and Credit Bank Reviews

I issued a Loan and Credit credit card as soon as I went to work part-time with the institute. The advantage was that they did not require a lot of information – they issued a card with a quite acceptable limit. I often use the card for small purchases, I am very satisfied – a sufficiently long period of interest-free repayment, convenient ways to replenish. I like everything!



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