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Together with you, we analyze the conditions of your mortgage lending and use the rescheduling calculator to calculate your savings potential, including the additional costs for a prepayment penalty, for changing the land register entry and other expenses that may arise in the event of rescheduling. An explanation over at

You are then in the fortunate position of being able to use a debt restructuring without paying a prepayment penalty. If the bank accepts your early termination within the fixed interest period as goodwill, it may demand early repayment of the lost interest income.

However, anyone who wishes to terminate the funding ahead of time to benefit from the lower interest rates on another offer may have to accept a significant prepayment penalty. A rescheduling of mortgage lending is therefore only of interest if the prepayment penalty is low.

Mortgage Restructuring Debt Restructuring

Mortgage Restructuring Debt Restructuring

Despite the rising interest rate policy of the European Central Bank, mortgage lending is currently still at a low level. In the case of a construction loan through an annuity loan, the interest will be settled for a certain time frame.

While at the time of interest fixing a termination of the loan agreement is usually not possible. Termination can only be made after 10 years with a term of 6 months.

“Who wants to change because of lower interest rates before mortgage lending, is on the fair dealings of the house bank zurÃ? This can be agreed to the early loan dissolution, but this will do so only for the account of a prepayment penalty.

This compensation is calculated on the basis of the interest rate fixed at that time, the remaining useful life of the loan and the possibility of refinancing the principal bank.

Prepayment penalty


For loans of USD 100,000 and a term of 3-4 years, the prepayment penalty can amount to several thousand dollars. Therefore, it should be checked exactly whether a rescheduling makes sense. A rescheduling of mortgage lending on the expiry of fixed interest is, however, possible in any case. Thus, the transition from one house bank to another is possible without a hitch.

The only thing that should be taken into consideration is that the land charges recorded to secure the construction financing are transferred to the other house bank as part of the rescheduling, assumes another house bank by rescheduling a mortgage, all credit-related checks must be carried out again In many banks is now waived on the calculation of processing fees, there are only fees for the valuation of the property.

If, in the context of debt restructuring, you want to compare the different credit institutions that should use the effective interest rate.

Assistance in the termination of loans


In the dispute with the financing bank, we review the legality of the credit and collateral agreements. In doing so, we are primarily investigating the legality of the collected credit settlement fees and the prepayment penalty. In addition, we will inform you about the effectiveness of the revocation instructions and the possibilities of canceling the loans.

In the event of debt rescheduling, we will also provide you with detailed information on all legal issues in the event of debt rescheduling, in particular with regard to the terms of the new financing and the alternative arrangements that appear to be legally possible.

In addition to the provisions of the law of obligations, the real rights to real estate are of great significance, especially in the case of the sale or indebtedness of real estate.

In all the legal questions of real estate law and real estate law to be clarified in connection with the rescheduling, in particular in the property valuation and appreciation of securities, in the recording and transfer of liens and in the repayment of mortgages such as right of residence, usufructuary rights, and personal conditions, we are working for you.

If rescheduling is not possible, we will expertly look after and enforce your private property purchase

If rescheduling is not possible, we will expertly look after and enforce your private property purchase. Foreclosures of land are a foreclosure procedure regulated by the GFI. By means of a mandatory auction, the lender has the opportunity to enforce his claim against the property on the basis of a cash payment and to fulfill his claim by liquidating the property.

A special form of compulsory auction is the partial auction for annulment of the European Commission. We will discuss the possibility of terminating or canceling the compulsory auction or the partial auction.

For this purpose, we draw up concepts for the maintenance or purchase of the property, negotiate with the lenders executing the foreclosure or partial auction, and engage in an out-of-court settlement of claims with all lenders.

In addition, it will be examined whether the conditions for the legal protection order are met before enforcement. If the foreclosure or partial auction is not terminated or canceled, we will represent you during the whole process before the Swiss Federal Court. In the case of individual enforcement, a vendor enforces on the basis of a foreclosure title and strives to convince himself.

In the case of total execution, the receiver of bankruptcy realizes the total assets of the debtor and distributes them to the lenders after deducting the litigation costs.

Reschedule their obligations


To this end, we hold discussions with both the financing banks and with new credit institutions in order to reschedule their obligations.

If a bankruptcy proceeding can not be averted, we will inform you in detail about all the advantages and disadvantages of the bankruptcy proceedings and assist you in case of need until the final settlement by the bankruptcy court.

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